“Hi my name is Monica Holter I am a Keller Williams Real Estate . I have know John rogers from IRS AUctions for many years. Professionally I have used his services on listings and estates and even to sell real estate. He and his staff have always been responsive and professional and handled whatever issues have come up with grace and ease. On a personally not I am in the process of down sizing my entire life. I hired John and his staff they did a fabulous job, They came and tagged and pictures all the items and provided us with a cataloged list of the sale items and the website to check it out and pass along to family and friends . He even counseled on how the process works and try not to watch . The pick up I thought would be the scary part because we still had personal items in our home.Again his staff was fabulous is staying with all of the pick- up customers,walking them to their pick up areas and not letting random oleo walk through our house . He and hos staff coordinated all the dates and times for pick up .We were just in the back round .It was overall a great experience but hen again I had used John’s services professionally before and had no doubts that it would go smoothly. Thanks for dong such a good job.”