Live Auctions

There is nothing like a live auction done by a professional, experienced auctioneer.

At IRS Auctioneers we strive to get you the most value for your personal items, providing an atmosphere that generates interest and an enjoyable bidding environment.

Live Auctions have numerous lots that can be bid on and cover everything from estate sales,  downsizing or liquidation sales, car auctions and even real estate auctions. Personal items large and small are not uncommon at a live auction.

Live Auctions can be quite fun and the bidding intense.

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How to buy at a live auction:

Prior to our live auction events, we publish the previews and auction dates so that you can call or email about any of the items in advance.

On the sale day, visit the cashier/registration table to register FREE for a bidder number and the opportunity to bid.

All terms and conditions, as well as the auction route, will be given at the beginning of the auction so you know where you will need to be.

Tip: It is best to arrive early or during the preview time period so that you can walk the auction and see the different items that my interest you. Sometimes we may have multiple rings (meaning more than one auctioneer calling bids at the same time) so you need to know where your items will be, time wise, in the sale. We welcome you to stay for the whole day and enjoy the event!

How to Bid: Once you have registered and the auction begins, you simply hold your bid card up during the solicitation for bids by the auctioneer and your bid will be accepted.

Bid Competition: If two bidders are battling for the high bid on an item, the auctioneer will always stay with the two competing bidders until one has stopped bidding, then the auctioneer will turn back out to the crowd for additional bids. This gives the honor to the competing bidders and allows them to raise the price to their highest amount prior to any additional bids being accepted.

Winning a Bid: Once you have the highest bid, and no one else is willing to bid higher, the item is SOLD to you. When you have all the treasures you want to win at the auction, go to the cashier’s station to pay for your items; you will be given a receipt ticket for each item purchased. These receipts will allow you to retrieve your items, load them up, and take them home.