Benefit Auctions

Innovative Revenue Solutions provides the opportunity for you to donate your items to your favorite Not for Profit organization.

Whether you are in Columbus, Ohio or the surrounding area, we utilize online and live bid-calling auctions to sell your items and donate the net proceeds for you.

If you are a registered 501C3 organization, please contact us to learn more about our Donation Asset program that can benefit your organization on a consistent and regular basis.


You can donate your treasures to your favorite 501-C3 non-profit organization, in an effort to further the cause. From full estates to commercial or industrial equipment, we can facilitate a donation to you desired 501-C3 organization. Innovative Revenue Solutions will facilitate the marketing, sale and final distribution of goods and provide final reporting to your designated 501-C3 as well as the net proceeds.

You will have full control as to the distribution of funds in the event you have more than one 501-C3 designated. We will work with you within the constraints of the law and make your ASSET donation a smooth process as well as a meaningful contribution to further the cause!

The organization will provide a donation receipt and you, by law, will determine the value. If the donation is an automobile, the law states that the sold price is the determination of value.

Contact us today at 614-877-7320 for a free evaluation and explanation of the process.

“Our charity, Fairy Goodmothers, is grateful for John Roger’s work as our auctioneer at our annual fundraiser Party for Prom. His professionalism and enthusiasm is what raised so much money for our cause. After the event, many of the attendees raved about his work, as he got the crowd excited about our live auction items. Having worked many live auctions personally, I can say John stands out as one of the best.”

– Karina Nova

501-C3 Not for profit organizations:

Welcome and thank you for your interest. Innovative Revenue Solutions, LLC has raised millions of dollars for local 501-C3 organizations here in Columbus, Ohio. We have helped with gala events and individual asset donations.

We currently work ongoing with several 501-C3 organizations to consistently raise revenue to further their cause. We have developed budgets with our registered not for profit clients to raise $50,000, $150,000 or even $250,000 per year consistently.

Contact us to arrange a meeting, where we can give examples and a summary of structure that will help your organization PLAN to increase your revenue starting right now.

For all Auctions, Estate Sales, and Non-Profit information for the Columbus, Ohio area call 614-877-7320 or email