“Hi my name is Monica Holter I am a Keller Williams Real Estate (agent). I have known John Rogers from IRS Auctions for many years. Professionally, I have used his services on listings and estates and even to sell real estate. He and his staff have always been responsive and professional and handled whatever issues have come up with grace and ease. On a personal note, I am in the process of down sizing my entire life. I hired John and his staff they did a fabulous job, they came and tagged and took pictures of all the items and provided us with a cataloged list of the sale items and the website to check it out and pass along to family and friends. He even counseled on how the process works and try not to watch. I thought the pick up would be the scary part because we still had personal items in our home, but his staff was fabulous is staying with all of the pick- up customers, walking them to their pick up areas and not letting random people walk through our house. He and his staff coordinated all the dates and times for pick up. We were just in the background. It was overall a great experience but then again I had used John’s services professionally before and had no doubts that it would go smoothly. Thanks for dong such a good job.”

-Monica Holter, Realtor

“IRS provides professional, effective and efficient asset disbursement services via online and live auction services. Whether you need assistance at your location or theirs, they are very organized and can quickly turn those items you no longer want or need into revenue using the approach that will generate the most revenue for you or your organization. Holding a fundraiser for your favorite charity? John’s energy and enthusiasm as a live auctioneer is why he has raised thousands of dollars for local charities. Give him a call, you’ll be glad you did.”

-Joanne Spoth, President & CEO – The Breathing Association

“Holding a fundraiser for your favorite charity? John’s energy and enthusiasm as a live auctioneer is why he has raised thousands of dollars for local charities.”

“We were thrilled when we ‘discovered’ John recently while searching for an auctioneer for fundraising events at the American Red Cross. John is an incredibly dynamic, energetic, and FUN auctioneer. We have seen marked increases in our fundraising event revenue since we began to utilize John for our special events.”

-Evan Derr, Events Specialist – American Red Cross

“After 6 years of trying to sell my commercial building through a non-responsive realtor, I was at my wits end. I asked John Rogers his thoughts on auctioning my building and from that day forward my worries were put to rest. John was very professional and courteous from my signing of the contract with him through the closing. He kept me in the loop during the whole process and explained how things would work along the way. He was always available for any questions I had. I really felt that he had my best interests in mind. I would definitely recommend John Rogers.”

-Kim Foley

 “I really felt that he had my best interests in mind.”

“John, I love your on line auction. I have bought things from it myself and have recommend it to several clients to do with their parents house when they have passed or are downsizing. Everyone I have recommend to do it has been very pleased with the results. It is a easy way to get rid of things that the family don’t need. You guys take care of everything from getting it all set up, putting it on line, collecting the money, cleaning it up at the end and the family makes some money. I have always found you to be fair and honest and you have really good people working with you. I love getting on your auctions just to see what you have for sale. You also do benefit auctions for people which is so great. I can’t say enough good things.”

-Pam Brown

“I’ve met a lot of professionals in my young life of 67 years. John Rogers is the real McCoy….a Blue Chipper….a true Professional when it comes to Real Estate Auctions! He really cares about is clients and when he conducts an Auction it is professionally done with a lot of class. No matter whether you win or lose in the auction you feel like you have been treated fairly. I would recommend John Rodgers without any reservation at all. If you need a property sold, personal belongings, a car, an RV or even a Motorcycle ….John and his company can get it sold and return to you money very quickly for your goods. He even does Charity Auctions to help Charities, Clubs and people out.”

-Jerry A. Hunt, Realtor/Real Estate Investor/Property Owner

“No matter whether you win or lose in the auction you feel like you have been treated fairly.”

“John Rogers is by far, one of the best auctioneers in town. Whether it’s a crowd of 50 to 1000+ people, John is always entertaining, engaging, and amazing when it comes to getting people to bid… and bid HIGH! What I love about working with John is that he is quick on his feet and can pick up on anyone’s ad-lib at a moments notice. Because of John, there are dozens of central Ohio charities and non-profits that have benefitted from his talent in helping raise money for their causes.”

-Angela Ann, Channel 10-TV

“John Rogers is by far, one of the best auctioneers in town.”

“Our charity, Fairy Goodmothers, is grateful for John Roger’s work as our auctioneer at our annual fundraiser Party for Prom. His professionalism and enthusiasm is what raised so much money for our cause. After the event, many of the attendees raved about his work, as he got the crowd excited about our live auction items. Having worked many live auctions personally, I can say John stands out as one of the best.”

-Karina Nova

"The crew at IRS helped me when I was moving. The day before I left I had a load of stuff that wouldn't fit in the trailer or truck. I was headed to drop it off at the thrift store but called IRS on the way. They were able to auction the load. In a few weeks I had a nice check that helped out on the other end of the move."


"These guys are great! I consistently find stellar deals and I sincerely appreciate the personal service. Even when there are occasional minor hindrances, they always come through for me. Accepting online payment is as convenient as it gets!"

DJ Anderson

"I know for a fact this company is extremely reputable, trust worthy and competent to handle the many affairs, they raise funds for~ They have auctioned and raised more money than any other companies, for many prestigious organizations. They are also very involved in giving back to the community."


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