Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy at online auctions?

Click the “BID ONLINE NOW” tab to view the current online auction. Click the Registration button at the top middle of the page to receive a bidder number. This bid number will be good for any and all online auctions on our site. You are able to choose any individual auction buy clicking on the title of the auction. Once you choose a specific auction, you can scroll down to the categories section in blue letters and select a category or the “All Items” selection to see every item in the auction. The bid page will show you the picture of the item (if you click on the picture it will show you a larger picture and multiple pictures if they are available), the description of the item, and the current and next expected bid. You can place a bid in the current bid selection box, keeping in mind the next minimum bid, and place a bid in the maximum bid box. The maximum bid box will automatically bid for you up to your amount without going over. If no one competes against your bid the system will not bid on your behalf and you can win the item for far less than your maximum bid amount. Next go to the bottom of the bid page and place your bid number and password in the corresponding boxes and hit submit. The system will ask if you read and agree to the posted terms and conditions and if so it will ask you if your bid amounts were correct. This will give you one more opportunity to look at your bid amount before placing them. Once you agree and submit, the system will place your bids and let you know if anyone has bid higher than you with a maximum bid and if not your will be instructed that you are the high bidder. Check back often as other buyers will bid again and you may be outbid before the end of the auction. Good luck and happy bidding.

How do I sell at online auctions?

Contact us for a free evaluation of your items and we will instruct you as to your best method for sales and realizing market value. We examine the items you want to sell and give you a detailed picture of our marketing and sales strategy to get the most out of your items.

How do I buy at live auctions?

Simply follow the email and press releases about the live event and make sure to come early. Most all live events allow for preview time prior to the event for you to see the items for auction. A registration table will be onsite for you to register and obtain a bidder number prior to the live auction – you must have a bidder number to place a bid! Once the auction begins, you listen to the auctioneer and get his/her attention when you want to bid on an item. Show them your bid card (card with your bidder number) and if you are the high bidder on the item they will declare you the winner and give the clerk your bidder number and final price. Good luck and happy bidding!

How do I sell items at a live auction?

Similar to the online venue, we set an appointment to discuss the details and evaluate your items for auction. We then propose the best method for you to obtain the highest market value and timing for the event. Contact us to set up a time to discuss the opportunities.

How do I register to buy at online auctions?

After you click the “BID ONLINE NOW” tab, click the Registration button at the top middle of the page to receive a bidder number. You will need to fill out the requested information and a bidder number will be emailed to you; you will also set your own password. You will need your bidder number and password to bid online. Remember that your new bid number will be good for any and all online auctions on our site.

How do I register to buy at live auctions?

Go to the live auction prior to the start (during the preview of the auction) and ask for the registration table or area. You will be directed to a registration area where you will provide identification and personal information to register. The admin personnel will then give you a bid card with your specific bidder number for that auction only.

Can I set a minimum bid for my items at live or online auctions?

Yes, but it has to be agreed to within the contract and there may be costs associated. Contact us via the contact tab on the front home page

Can I sell Real Estate via auction live or online?

Yes. There are so many variables to selling Real Property that we should discuss the opportunities over the phone or in person. Please contact us at 614-877-7320.

What types of items can I sell live or online?

ALL TYPES. We can sell most any real or personal property live and online. The only items that I know of at this time that we CANNOT sell are honey bee items! This is a Federal Law, not state or local. Of course, all items for sale must be legal and owned by the person signing the contract. Some items have certain restrictions and we can discuss those details when we meet.