Still trying to figure it all out. The online auction world has changed our company and the way we do business. I attended the Ohio Auctioneer’s Association winter convention and found that, even though I had been a member for years, I had not been engaged!

I made a conscious effort to engage with as many members as possible and have meaningful conversations and ask important questions about our industry and their experiences. Also, I watched the Ohio bidding calling championship with envy, just to be able to compete. I also realized how incredibly fortunate that I really am to do something that I love so much. Originally I thought that it was the bid calling and that I was sacrificing what I loved by conducting more and more online only auctions. Then during the bid calling championship the judges asked a question of the contestants…….

They asked them if they thought there was a difference between a bid caller and an auctioneer? WOW, though I heard some great responses, it had a more profound impact on me as an auctioneer and me as a business person. I realized that I have been both…..I have conducted benefit auctions in a tuxedo and did not have a clue what I was selling until I arrived at the event. I read the cards, called the auction, made it exciting and fun and accepted my compliments……In that case I was only a bid caller. THEN in contrast I have sat up for hours each evening for days on end to put the final touches on a large personal property event or a large Real Estate project / auction. What I realized is that it wasn’t even that important that I called these auctions or projects but that the real AUCTIONEER work was in the marketing details, answering the question of “who will want this / these assets?” So, my (our) job as an AUCTIONEER is to let the world know and especially those that may want this treasure, that we have it available to the highest bidder. Prepare the proper structure to deliver the auction event, describe the item accurately with emphasis on it’s strengths and touch on each important detail and attribute. Next make certain that your chosen platform efficient and effective, when selling this item. Present it in its best light and yet disclose every detail good or bad so that the buyer can make an informed decision. Drop the hammer, collect the funds, settle the project, write the checks to your seller, support staff and expenses…….If there is some left over after everyone else has been paid, pay yourself.

THAT is being an auctioneer, in my humble opinion…..