When I first learned of blogging and the concept of sharing ideas or thoughts…..it made since. Then the reality of “who has time to blog” set in.

I own an auction business with many facets. Online, live, benefit structures where we sell personal, business and real property. THERE IS NEVER enough time…..or is there.

Time management has become it’s own mega industry due to our cultural habits of “trying to shove 5 pounds of crap in a 3 pound sack”…… The way I see it, blogging is just another way to network by sharing ideas and thoughts that can and do link people together. I have made a conscious effort to get a business coach, complete a detailed business plan with TIME MANAGEMENT as a key factor. This may seem obvious to most, but it is a big step for me. Unbelievably with all of the ensuing chaos we still manage to sell millions of dollars of assets. THINK how much more efficiency and effectiveness we will have once “I” get organized.

Now back to blogging……..My effort to become more organized and time “efficient” will allow me to PLAN to blog. The auction world is fascinating, profitable, intriguing and sometimes very personal. We help the world trade assets as temporary stewards of “STUFF”. We never really own anything, just hold it for awhile.

I think blogging can give us business owners a link to our customers, sellers and general public. I also find it therapeutic to write my thoughts about business ideas, funny stories or sometimes loss.

So blog away business owners and general public so that we can enjoy, learn and communicate together.